Anti-cellulite gel intense remodelling with marine algae extract

With a formula concentrated in anti-cellulite active, the gel becomes quickly absorbed and penetrates deep into skin down to the fat deposits. Through the content in marine algae extract, thermo-genesis processes are activated in the adipocytes, fats are burned, and the silhouette is thinned and remodeled. The measurements made through instrumental ultrasound systems*, after 56 days of use, have proven a reduction in the thickness of subcutaneous fat by 25% on the thighs, 49.9% on the hips, and 29.3% on the abdomen. Also, according to tests, the cream reduces the circumference of the hips by 1.3 cm, increases skin firmness by 28.9% and reduces cellulite by 19%.

* tests performed by the manufacturer of the active ingredient

Directions: Apply the gel twice daily on areas affected by cellulite and massage gently until fully absorbed. The results are visible after at least 6 weeks of use as directed.