Anti-cellulite thermo-active cream with chili pepper extract

Ideal for massage, with anti-cellulite intensive action due to the presence of Cafeisilan and of the chili pepper extract, the cream may cause a slight warming effect on skin, ensuring skin penetration of active ingredients and thus accelerating the reduction of fat deposits. It stimulates microcirculation in areas affected by cellulite, securing the elimination of fats. The skin regains elasticity and firmness.

Directions: Apply the cream daily to areas affected by cellulite, and massage gently until fully absorbed. It can be used for anti-cellulite massage. If any unpleasant effects occur, stop using the product.

Precautions! Wash hands after using the cream. Avoid touching the area around the eyes, nose or mouth without washing hands beforehand. The cream can have warming effects to mild tingling that diminishes in time. Stop using the cream if the sensations become persistent and do not fade in time or if skin irritation occurs. Rinse skin with plenty of water.