Intense Moisturizing Leave-on Mask with Dead Sea Minerals, Marine Algae, Hydration Complex

0% parabens

normal / dry skin

Cosmetic masks are a special branch of skin care, applied to activate blood circulation and skin regeneration.

Designed to intensely hydrate the skin, the mask has a formula rich in minerals, active hydrating factors and vitamins. In-vivo tests demonstrate a 32% increase in the skin’s hydration after using it. The 21 minerals in Dead Sea salt protect cell membranes and increase their resistance to dehydration and to environmental aggression, preserving the natural moisture of the skin. The extract from the marine algae Porphyridium Cruentum protects against loss of humidity, it reduces wrinkles, smoothens out the skin instantly and with a long-term effect, as demonstrated through in-vivo tests by the manufacturer of the active ingredient. The Hydroviton Complex contains a derivative of hyaluronic acid and secures intense hydration lasting up to 24 hours. A, E, B5 vitamins and natural vegetal oils extracted from olives, grape seeds and wheat germ stimulate and accelerate cellular activity and regeneration.

Leaves a perfectly hydrated, smooth and soft skin.

Directions: Apply 2-3 times a week, on the perfectly clean skin of the face, avoiding the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Leave it on for 10 minutes, for the skin to absorb the mask. Remove excess using a cosmetic pad or massage it into your skin until complete absorption.

For optimal skin care use in combination with Intense Moisturizing Day Cream and, if necessary, Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream of the same range.

Test for tolerance on a small portion of neck skin right under your ear.

Avoid direct contact with eyes!