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  • Cosmetic Plant obtained the GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification, according to ISO 22716:2007. This certification was conducted by DEKRA Certification, Germany and is a guarantee that the Cosmetic Plant processes and finished products are controlled by appropriate procedures and quality standards. The ISO 22716 standard forms the totality of quality related instructions for the manufacture, production, equipment, to packaging, shipping, and personnel. New European regulations for the production of cosmetics use the GMP certification as a stepstone, a pillar of high standards for consumer satisfaction.
  • The concern for quality has always been the company’s core preoccupation, Cosmetic Plant thereby obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, for quality management, in 2004.
  • Since 2012 the company has also received the environmental quality certification, ISO 14001, attesting for an environmentally sustainable production.


Production capacity: 2 million products/year
Production machinery & tools: mostly imported from Italy

packaging ingredients

Product packaging: mostly imported from Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Slovenia.
Product ingredients: mostly imported from France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, etc.

Research & development:

  • adhering to the current E.U. legislation regarding cosmetics & personal care products
  • using the most secure ingredients for human health and environmental sustainability
  • new active substances with maximum effects, proven through efficiency studies
  • believing in the power of nature: using natural ingredients, traditionally proven to be effective
  • no animal testing

constant quality

 Constant quality:

  • technical quality control for raw materials, packaging, semi-products, finished products, on the company premises
  • analysis and monitoring of environmental quality parameters
  • implementation, maintenance, monitoring and bettering the quality politics


Continuous development: continuous investments in the production facilities and the research laboratory, in order to obtain innovative products of undoubted quality.

Loading facilities: easy truck access, including that of heavy trucks
Geo-strategic positioning:

  • 1 km away from the “Avram Iancu” Cluj International Airport (CLJ)
  • 1 km away from the city’s belt highway