After-depilation balm

The balm is designed for skin care after unwanted hair removal. Applied immediately after depilation, it neutralizes the alkalinity caused by the depilatory cream. It contains chamomile extract with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains palmitine, extracted from the Asian Fibraurea Recisa, with a hair density diminishing and a slowing down hair growth effect. The extract is introduced in microspheres that “cling” on hairs and migrate toward the follicle, where they involve in the keratocyte mitosis and reduce their cellular division function. Applied after depilation, twice a day, on all areas with unwanted body hair, hair density decreases by 48%, and thus the depilation frequency will be diminished. The decrease in unwanted hair appearance was reported by 73% of the subjects who tested the product. The in vivo test conducted by the French extract producer on 25 female subjects showed that a balm with 3% active ingredient, applied twice a day, for two months, leads to the following results:
– a decrease in hair density by 48%
– a decrease in hair growth speed by 36%
– a decrease in depilation frequency by 60%